What Potential Members Want From Their Pilot Club........... They want to make a difference in their community. They want to “belong”. They feel they will benefit by being a member. o By association o Personal growth o Professional growth o New friends o Gain a sense of pride in their contribution o Gain a new sense of purpose/direction o Adding more fun to their lives o Worthwhile service/projects o Increase the value of their time
MOTTO TRUE COURSE EVER COLORS GREEN AND GOLD EMBLEM PILOT WHEEL OF SERVICE CHARTER GRANTED SEPTEMBER 21, 1979 DUES $110 EACH YEAR due in June Must sell 10 tickets to the Pancake day in January also. BOARD MEETINGS 1st Thursday of each month except July DINNER MEETINGS 3rd Monday of each month except July. We meet at CJ Cannons restaurant in the banquet room located at the Vero Beach Municipal Airport. (December Christmas party to be announced and the June Installation of Officers to be announced)
MAIL P. O. Box 7280 Vero Beach, FL 32961
President - Betsy Root President Elect - Joan Edwards Past President - Jane Bently Treasurer - Barbara Peltier Treasurer AITP - Gerri Hegarty Secretary - Linda Gust Director Fundraising - Tammy Bursick Community Projects - Cathy Neville Leadership - Terri Wagner Director Membership - Beverly Dillon Member At Large - Susan Wooden Publicity - Beverly Dillon
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Slate of Officers for the 2020–2021 Year