Treasure Coast Pilot Club is an organization of women dedicated to service and friendship. We meet once a month for dinner and organize many projects, fund raisers and services throughout the year at C.J. Cannon’s. Once a year we have a service project dedicated to brain disorders, which is the Pilot International’s focus as well. TCPC is one Pilot club within four districts of Florida and those four districts are a part of the Florida District Pilot Club. The Florida District Pilot club sponsors three scholarship houses on three Florida campuses. All of the Pilot clubs in Florida are under Pilot International. The main focus of the Pilot International is brain disorders and the safety of the brain. They have members in the US, Bahamas, Canada, Japan, and South Africa. SERVICE PROJECTS varies from year to year. Below are a list of some of these projects that we have been involved within in the past and present: 1. Brain Disorder emphasis - o Alzheimer’s Association of Indian River County (Tracking bracelets) o Special Equestrians o Bike Safety/Helmets 2. Leadership Development - o High School scholarships (4 at $750 each and an awards dinner) o ROTC Senior & Freshman (2 at $50 each and an awards dinner) o 4-H Club judging. 3. Service for Community - o Collect socks for the Source and Homeless Center & gifting Helping Hands. o Provide dinner & party for the lower income senior citizens. o We Care Projects -Food fairies - Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (Habitat for Humanity) o Collect can goods for the Food Bank & check for summer food bank. o Assist the Fire Fighters with their spring fair. o Collect pennies for sight o Collect old cell phones for senior citizens. o Organize a fund raising two day Crafts & Art Show “Autumn in the Park” o Participate in Alzheimer’s Walk o Participate in Cancer Walk 4. Patriotism - o Provided cake for 50th Anniversary of Memorial Island o Cookies for Soldiers Program o ROTC support and awards o Support the Blood bank Come to Art Festival. o Support the Environment Learning Center.